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Beauty Tips from Mom

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I thought this was appropriate…

Before the arrival of computers, TV, and fashion magazines, daughters looked to their mothers for advice about beauty. Even though this advice may not be as necessary as it was years ago, a mother can still be depended upon for a few beauty tips in this day and age.

Your mother is certainly aware of what she considers the good, the bad and the downright, I’d like to forget about this, parts of her appearance. No doubt she has worked to improve the parts that she doesn’t like while taking good care of her assets. While doing so she has probably passed on some of the tips that have worked for her in the beauty department.

As a girl you probably sat and watched as your mom applied her make-up, combed her hair, or got ready for an evening out. Many of her tips were probably casually tossed out while you chatted together during these times. Things like, go easy on the eyeliner to avoid the raccoon look, or blend in the blush so you don’t get the round clown dots on your cheeks.

Mothers are aware that the older we get, the more we sag. So when your mom tells you to throw your shoulders back and walk tall, she is really talking about posture. When you have good posture, you look slimmer, have more confidence and feel good about yourself.

Another piece of good mom advice is to relax. We tend to be so stressed today and this is reflected in our faces. Frowning and grimacing produce fine lines around the eyes and mouth that deepen with age. Make a conscious effort to smile as much as possible. Not only will you look better, but you’ll feel better too!

Another tip she may pass on is to wear sunglasses when it’s sunny no matter what season it is. Another tip is to wear glasses if you need them instead of straining to see. Scrunching up your eyes produces wrinkles around them in years to come. You can delay the crow’s feet and other wrinkles around the eyes by what you do (or don’t do) with your eyes now. So, stop scrunching up your face to avoid the bright sun or read that newspaper.

Some tips from mom may even be passed on without conscious thought from her. You can learn a lot about yourself just by looking at your mother. For instance, take a careful look at your mom and you’ll get an idea of what you may look like in twenty or thirty years. Using what you’ve learned from doing so might indeed prove to be an important beauty tip from your mom.

Moms are wise. Some of the tips that she shares are really designed to support a daughter who is bemoaning some aspect of her appearance or her life. Since mothers are all about championing those she loves, don’t be surprised when she talks about beauty being on the inside. No, it doesn’t mean that she thinks you’re hopeless. She just wants you to love yourself for who you are, just like she does. When you think about it, this tip alone is the single most important beauty tip she can pass on to you.