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Coconut Oil and Its Benefits

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I recently became a fan of coconut oil. I’d heard that eating it was good for your thyroid. I’m not sure that I believe that, and I *really* don’t like my eggs fried in it, and the slushy that I had it in was YUCK.

BUT I have found one use that I love using it for — my lips.

I’d heard that coconut oil was wonderful for your skin, which I believe, but, by accident, I found out that it is absolute heaven for my lips. I’d eaten a teaspoon of it (trying to help my thyroid) and licked off my lips. Then, hours later, I was out in the sun and realized that my lips weren’t chapped anymore.  So, I tried it again and I love it.

No more buying Chapstick here. My family and I are coconut oil converts.