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Some Clear Views On Acne During Pregnancy

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Acne is mainly caused because of hormonal changes in the body. Many women suffer from acne during their pregnancies. In some cases it can be severe. Many pregnant women never had acne when they grew up and so they find themselves struggling with it for the first time. There are many acne treatments on the market, but many can be dangerous to your baby and to yourself. Which treatments should you avoid and what can you do to eliminate your pregnancy acne?

During the stages of pregnancy higher levels of hormones known as ‘androgens’ serve to prompt the sebaceous glands in the skin. This in turn gets bigger and boosts production of an oily substance known as ‘sebum’. This extra sebum creates more problems by combining with the shed skin cells that lie all around the hair follicles. In due course of time this blocks the pores and creates an environment which multiplies the bacteria. All these ultimately lead to the inflammation of skin and thus results in the development of skin eruptions called acne. It should be noted that if one is already suffering from the skin eruptions of acne the situations might tend to worsen during the stages of pregnancy.

But a pregnant woman may not use many acne medications. Let us find out now. *Acne and isotretinoin- Isotretinoin can treat the severe forms of acne. Isotretinoin which is a derivative of Vitamin A is taken orally to treat acne. But isotretinoin is strictly prohibited during pregnancy. Not only that, you must become pregnant only after few months of your stopping use of Isotretinon. So Isotretinoin is a strictly no during pregnancy.*Acne and Tretinoin- Tretinoin is one of the most common retinoids that are used to treat acne. Tretinoin clears the upper layer of the skin by peeling it off. Tretinoin gives very good results in acne treatment and in improvement of skin. But being a Vitamin A derivative, it cannot be used during pregnancy. All other retinoids also cannot be used.

Healthy Anti-Aging Beauty Tips

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You don’t have to go under the knife or spend money on botox treatments in order to look ten years younger. Instead, make a few lifestyle changes and start treating yourself with a little TLC and you will be amazed at the results. Things such as sleep, diet, exercise and more play a huge role in your appearance.

Getting a good night’s sleep is a sure-fire way to not only look younger, but to feel great as well. This is because while you sleep, cells go through a repair process and your body releases the hormone melatonin. This hormone has very positive effects on the skin. The result is radiant and youthful looking skin, fewer lines and less puffiness around the eyes. So do yourself a favor and get your z’s.

Be sure to eat a balanced diet, including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Not only will this regimen help you to maintain a healthy weight, the vitamins and anti-oxidants in the fruit and veggies nourish your skin and hair. Having healthy skin and shiny hair is a definite recipe for a more youthful look.

While you’re at it, drink lots of water each day. Water cleanses your body of toxins and hydrates your skin. Hydrated skin just plain looks younger. While we’re talking about skin, don’t forget to protect your nicely hydrated skin by wearing sun screen. The damaging effects of the sun, including skin cancer, have been well documented and should be taken very seriously. Excessive exposure dries the skin and will eventually give it a leathery appearance at the least.

Be sure to wear a hat to provide further protection from the rays for the sensitive skin on your face. You don’t have to forego the healthy tanned look. Just use a tanning product instead of baking in the sun or in a tanning bed.

It’s important to use a good cleanser on your face each day to unclog pores and keep your skin from looking dry and dull. Don’t forget to moisturize after washing and this includes your entire body, not just your face. Your hands take a beating in the course of daily life. Slather on a layer of oil followed by rich lotion, nightly, to have soft, younger looking hands.

Exercise increases bone density and muscle tone. So get regular exercise, including a routine like Pilates or Yoga, to tighten sagging muscles. A fit, trim body looks younger. Not only will you be healthier and more energized on the outside, you’ll feel younger too.

Updating a haircut can cut years from a woman’s appearance. Consider highlights rather than simply dying your hair to soften your look. Find a cut that accentuates your best facial features and your lifestyle. Talk with your stylist about what type of cut and color will look best on you and try it, you never know you might just fall in love with your hair again.

Your lifestyle choices greatly affect whether you look ten years younger or ten years older. Smoking and drinking both negatively affect the aging process by blocking the absorption of necessary nutrients and over time cause damage to the major organs of the body. So, if you smoke or drink, quit and soon you’ll begin to look and feel younger.

There are so many easy, natural ways to become a younger you. Once you’ve applied some of the tips above and started seeing a difference in yourself, try not to look too smug when people find out your true age.