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Best Natural Skin Care Treatment For Oily Skin

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Oily Skin Care Treatment

Oily skin is a big issue for both adults and teenagers alike. So acne skin care as well as pimple treatment is very essential. If oily skin is not treated suitably, it will develop an excessive shine, blemishes and pimples. Here are some Strategy:

Cleansing the skin

Cleanse at least two times a day but do not rub firm. A minor pressure from your finger’s friction is adequately to make light of the dead and dull skin. This will avoid clogging of the pores. The correct and balanced way to clean the skin is the usage of a very mild detergent or surfactant. It should not include oils or other fatty substances. Apply yield containing small amounts of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) on a regular basis to accomplish the best results.

Keep away from tough alcohol based products. With the use of alcohol-based substances, you may practice that the products remove large amount oil from your face. But it actually enhances more production of sebum. You can make use of soft astringent or toner everyday to clear surplus oils on your face.

There are many natural skin care methods for them. Everyday moisturizing is not necessary for oily skin. Apply a light, oil free moisturizer to stability the drying effects of the toner and cleanser. Skin products that comprise substances such as cocoa butter and mineral oils are too emollient for the condition of your skin. So, stay away from these products. Select oil-free products for makeup, particularly for blush and foundation . Opt for non-comedogenic and water-based products that will not clog up the pores. Some types of foundation products are proposed to absorb oil and thus control the shiny appearance throughout the day.

In addition to the above, consider to apply non-oil based sunscreen on your face. In the case of sunscreen, there are a number of alternative forms. Gel is one of the popular choices as it is less oily than other conventional sun block lotions. Your sunscreen should be no less than Sun Protection Factor 15. If you are suffering from a ruthless breakout of acne, utilize cleansers that hold a very small number of salicylic acid. In this case, a moisturizer containing the same material is the best choice.


Diet has strong influence for a healthy skin which plays an important role in natural skin care treatment. As processed foods, sugar and refined starches have a tendency to make the naturally oily skin worse , so avoid them. Look for food items that are low in fat and devour more fresh vegetables, fruits and grains. Drink lot of water (six to eight glasses a day), juice or teas to keep fine skin tone. Maintain your vitamins and minerals consumption, particularly vitamins A and C as well as B complex.