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How To Prevent Acne For Women – What You Use Everyday May Cause Acne

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Although it is not easy to pin point a single cause for acne, there is a possibility that cosmetic may be a cause for acne in some young women. This is probably because the young skin may not be used to being covered with make up yet. This may in turn result in clogging and thus lead to acne breakouts.

Perhaps, women will have this question, “Is it possible to wear make up and prevent acne at the same time?” Fortunately, the answer is yes. First, it is always a good idea for young women to learn the basics of caring for their skin as well as how to choose cosmetics and apply make up.

Here’s what should be done everyday to take care of the skin:

It is usually recommended to wash the face twice per day with a gentle cleanser and warm water. Take care not to scrape the skin, especially if acne especially if acne is present. This may cause further damage.

Also, do not be mistaken that the more often you wash your face, the better. Unless you have a specific reason or has been told by a medical professional to do so, it is usually good enough to wash your face just twice per day.

This is especially true if you are having acne on your skin. Over washing can result in more irritation instead.

As mentioned above, although it is hard to pin point what caused acne, one thing for sure is that acne is not a result of “a dirty face”. Even the person who care most about hygiene have a chance of getting acne. However, proper cleansing is still important as a part of good skin care.

Here’s is what you should know regarding make up.

Of course, the best thing that can be done is to avoid make up altogether. However, most women will not buy this idea. Therefore, it is important to know what make up to choose. When choosing make up, it is best to pick those that are water based and oil free. Moisturizers are fine and should be water based.

If you are choosing products that is to be used on the face, it is best to look for the label, “non comedogenic”, which means they will not result in blackheads or whiteheads. Another label to look out for is “non acnegenic”. Although it may be more costly, they are definitely worth the price, since it will help to minimize break outs.

While cosmetic may not cause acne directly, it can certainly worsen the situation. Therefore, always take great care when choosing cosmetics. Also, do not ever wear make up overnight. Always take a few minutes and wash it away before going to bed.

Is it really possible to get rid of acne in 3 days, even if you are a chronic acne sufferer, without using any prescription drugs? Is there a better and safer way to treat acne?